Hey there, I'm Renee!

Like reading about life as a stay at home mom? Adventures- big and small? What about dairy-free eating or the occasional home renovation tip?

If you said yes to any of the following then you, my friend, are in luck because that's exactly what you'll find on this blog.

Welcome to Maritime Mama!
Your not-so-average mom blog.

As I said above, I'm Renee, hi how are ya?
I'm a twenty-something stay at home mom of one living in Canada- the Maritimes to be more precise. I love where I live and (if you plan to stick around, which I hope you do) you'll definitely see just how much I love my homeland by the many mini adventures my little family and I embark on while showcasing all of the beauty and uniqueness Nova Scotia has to offer. 

Why is Maritime Mama "not-your-average" mom blog?
Well, although I adore being a SAHM and blogging about all things mommyhood, I also blog about other things that interest me like:

FOOD- Mainly dairy-free options
BEAUTY- I suck at makeup but pretty packaging makes my heart flutter.
WEIGHT LOSS- I've just begun my journey and it's damn hard. Maybe we can inspire each other?
HOME RENOVATIONS- We're recent first time home owners and renovating our home is sometimes a headache but so satisfying.
DIY- I love making easy DIY projects and re-vamping old furniture bringing it new life.
MENTAL HEALTH- While I'm no expert, I am a mama who battles anxiety and depression on a daily and sometimes it's just nice knowing you're not the only one. 

So if any of this interests you- come hang out! 
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