November 19, 2019

101 in 1001 Challenge | 5 Month Update

So it's been 5 months since deciding to challenge myself to complete 101 goals in 1001 days! Just thought I'd pop on with a little update regarding the goals I've completed and the ones that are in progress:

Red = In Progress
Green = Completed

1. Pay off all of our "small" debt (everything besides mortgage and student loans)

2. Get a matching tattoo with Craig

3. Lose weight (make it to the 140s)

4. Take a family vacation to Prince Edward Island

5. Take a family vacation to New Brunswick

6. Ride in a hot air balloon

7. Take Lux to Disney World

8. Bungee jump

9. Get my nose pierced

10. Let my hair be in its natural curly state for one whole year- in progress- Started Nov 4,2019

11. Ride on a train

12. Get married

13. Get my drivers license

14. Go river rafting

15. Try a new hairstyle on Lux everyday for one week- Completed July 24,2019 SEE BLOG POST HERE!

16. Raise money for  a local charity

17. Try parasailing

18. Go whale watching on the Bay of Fundy

19. Drive around the Cabot Trail

20. Finish decorating Lux's room

21. Redesign the master bedroom

22. Redesign the living room

23. Carpet all upstairs bedrooms

24. Paint our house red

25. Visit every Provincial Park in Nova Scotia

26. Visit the Halifax Public Gardens - Completed July 3, 2019

27. Explore the Fortress of Louisbourg

28. Go to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum

29. Go the the Miner's Museum in Cape Breton

30. Visit the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

31. Hike Middle Head Park

32. Explore the Highland Village in Iona

33. Go to Joggins Fossil Cliffs

34. Visit Uisge Ban Falls

35. Hike Cape Split

36. Attend the Old Fashioned Christmas at Sherbrooke Village

37. Go on a sleigh ride in Lunenburg

38. Go to the Fundy Geological Museum - Completed July 1, 2019 SEE BLOG POST HERE!

39. Visit the Tangled Garden- Completed July 16, 2019 SEE BLOG POST HERE!

40. Walk through the Seafoam Lavender Gardens

41. Take Lux to Hatfield Farm

42. See Egypt Falls

43. Visit Uniacke Estate Museum Park

44.Visit  Cossit House Museum

45. Pick pumpkins from Dill's Giant Pumpkin Farm

46. Stay at White Point Beach

47. Go to the Africville Museum

48. Spend a night at the Train Station Inn

49. Take Lux to Upper Clements Park

50. Put Lux in gymnastics

51. Reach 1000 Twitter followers

52. Write an E-book

53. Learn how to crochet

54. Eat at 10 new restaurants- in progress: (1) Granny's Seafood Restaurant &  Ice Cream Parlour - Five Islands NS - JULY1/19 (2) Cosy's Snack Bar - Halifax NS- JULY3/19 (3) Rosies Restaurant - Kentville NS- JULY16/19 (4) Jin Loongs Chinese Restaurant- Sackville NS- SEPT1/19 (5) Thai Express- Dartmouth NS- OCT30/19

55. Start a vegetable garden

56. Land my first sponsored post on the blog

57. Cut my dairy intake and only have it one day a week- in progress: started Sept 20/19

58. Find a skin care routine that works for me

59. Take Lux to her first movie at the cinemas- Completed September 1,2019

60. Make real friends

61. Read and own every Sophie Kinsella novel - in progress:(1) Twenties Girl- Apr22/15 (2) Can You Keep a Secret -May27/15 (3) Surprise Me- Aug1/19 (4) I've Got Your Number- Aug8/19 (5) The Undomestic Goddess- Sept23/19 (6) Sleeping Arrangements -Oct9/19 (7) The Wedding Girl- Nov9/19

62. Sign up for another Nick Box subscription

63. Have family pictures taken

64. Take Lux on her first camping trip

65. Pay for someone else's meal

66. Send flowers to my mom 'just because'

67. Buy myself a new wardrobe

68. Have a spa day

69. Buy a cactus plant- Completed NOV3/19

70. Finish Lux's baby book

71. Buy photo albums and start printing out all photos starting from the day Lux was born

72. Find a cookbook I like and make every recipe

73. Try an Escape Room

74. Learn how and start using Instagram

75. Try waking up at 5:00 am for one week

76. Learn how to ski

77. Attend a masquerade ball type of party

78. Spend 24 hours unplugged (no phone, no internet, no tv etc)

79. Exercise every day straight for one month- In progress: Started November 17, 2019

80. Dress up for Halloween while we take Lux trick or treating

81. Stop drinking pop for one month

82. Go on 5 dates with Craig to places we've never been before- In progress: (1) Harry Potter Symphony- Nov 15/19

83. Buy silly onesies for the whole family

84. Build a nice firepit in our backyard

85. Buy myself and Craig all new winter gear that'll last a few years (Lux gets new winter gear every year anyway )

86. Get bikes for the family

87. Go berry picking

88. Rewatch the Harry Potter Series

89. Rent a cottage for a weekend in the Winter

90. Move preschool room upstairs- Completed Sept 5/19

91. Buy a woodstove

92. Take Lux to an aquarium

93. Complete a no-spend month

94. Try gel or acrylic nails

95. Buy a book about crystals and learn more about them

96. Make homemade cinnamon rolls

97. Buy a recipe book for my favourite recipes

98. No fast food for one month

99. Paint pottery at the Clay Cafe with Lux

100. Go ice skating

101. Deposit $20 into savings for every item checked off this list - In progress: continues until all items are checked off.

Not too bad! 7 Completed and 7 In Progress! I'll admit I often forget about this challenge so I probably could have had a lot more checked off by now had I been on top of things. That's alright though. I still have lots of time left :)

Are you doing a similar challenge? How's it going so far!?

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