July 24, 2019

7 Days Of Toddler Hairstyles

Trying a new hairstyle on Lux everyday for one week was one of the items on my 101 in 1001 days challenge. And let me tell ya, it was a challenge cause girl hates having her hair brushed.

We did it though! Here's the seven different hairstyles we went with:

hair down with a tiny braid on the side

I wanted to start off with something easy for day 1! 
This is just her hair down, in its natural state with a cute little braid down the one side of her face. I actually got off easy this day because she was super excited to do her hair for some reason (she never is!) so it went well.

messy top knots with bows

I thought this was so cute! I saw someone do this in a Youtube video once and decided to give it a try. I gave the rest of her hair a little curl and the bows (even though you can't see it) have Spongebob and Patrick on them and they are SO adorable.

middle french braid turning into regular braid

That description sucks, I know, but I honestly don't know what else to call this 😂 This was dreadful to put in her hair because 1) she was super tired and NOT having it and 2) I royally suck at french braiding. It definitely didn't turn out how I imagined it but oh well. It is what it is haha

three inside out pony tails on one side

I'm really not very good at hairstyle descriptions am I?
I think this one turned out pretty cute though!

french braids

Sooo normally I DO suck at making french braids BUT these turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

space buns

I would have liked the buns to have been higher up on her head but girl was given me one heck of a time to even get this much accomplished so I guess I should be glad! 😂

inside out pony's leading to a braid

I know- pretty anticlimactic for the final day huh?
It's all I could muster though. Neither one of us had the patience for hair today!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can say I am SO happy to be finished with this hair challenge though. It's fun making her hair all pretty in a different style every once in a while but I am so ready to go back to easy buns, pony tails and half up half down styles. 

Which style was your favourite? 

July 20, 2019

The Tangled Garden | Grand Pre, NS

A stunning, other-worldly, whimsical fairy-tale land is how I would describe The Tangled Garden. At least, that's how I feel while walking through the garden. The second you step in you're completely swallowed up by the atmosphere and even though the road is close by, you'd never know it. I only hope my photos do it justice because it truly is a wonderful, beautiful place.

[warning: very photo heavy!]

July 09, 2019

Fundy Geological Museum | Parrsboro, NS

To celebrate Canada Day this year we decided to take our dino-loving gal to the Fundy Geological Museum to check out some fossils and other cool stuff! I honestly didn't think she'd be all that excited since it was a fossil museum and wouldn't have dinosaur figures or anything to look at but she was in awe when she walked in! She grabbed my hand and started pulling me around to each exhibit and she was really into it! 

July 03, 2019

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I'm so happy to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I love the fact that "blogger awards" like this pass around the blogging community. It really allows bloggers to connect with other bloggers and we get to find out a little more about the bloggers behind the blogs as well! I love the Sunshine Blogger Award the most though I think because its an award nominated as a peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy! So, thank you so much to Blogging Mama for the nomination! I really appreciate it!