June 03, 2019

Ten Cheap (or free!) Date Ideas

1. Go for a hike. Craig and I love hiking together! There's nothing more magical than the forest! 

2. Have a picnic. Pack a lunch, find a cute park and have a picnic! This could also go along with your hike!

3. Go ice skating/roller skating. If you already own a pair of skates, this date idea is totally free! You just need to find a frozen pond and start skating. For rollerskating, you just need a road! 

4. Netflix movie marathon. Definitely a good one for those colder nights. Pop some popcorn and sit down and watch movies all night. You probably do this most nights anyway so calling it a date is the perfect excuse to get extra cuddle time.

5. Tour a winery. Find a winery or even a brewery in your area that offers free tours. You often get free wine tasting with it!

6. Go window shopping together. If you're strapped for cash just go window shopping! Sometimes its really fun looking around at all the things you'd like to buy. This also gives you a chance to see the kinds of things your partner might like if there's a gift-giving holiday coming up!

7. Find a free concert. Communities sometimes hold free festivals with live music. Or, if you're already going out to eat somewhere, opt for a place with live music. A free show with your meal!

8. Volunteer together. Not only would this be incredibly fun, it would make you feel really good too! Definitely an opportunity to bring you closer together.

9. Go for a long drive. There's nothing better than discovering a new place together! In the Spring/Summer months this is basically all Craig and I do. Bonus tip: drive into the night, find a beautiful clear spot to pull over and get out to stargaze. 

10. Walk along the beach. Incredibly cheesy, I know. But the fact is, beaches are romantic. Especially when you find one that doesn't have a crowd.



  1. oh i'm alllllll about netflix movie marathons! i dedicate most sundays to them, so many fab new things to watch on there as well. have you watched the gianni versace doc yet? so good, would recommend if you haven't!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. No I haven't!! I'll definitely check it out :) Thanks for the recommendation!