June 28, 2019

Burntcoat Head Park | Noel, NS

Another year, another visit to beautiful Burntcoat Head Park in the books. 

Burntcoat, in my opinion, is one of Nova Scotia's greatest attractions. It's home of the world's highest tides and extremely beautiful! When the tide goes out you have the opportunity to walk along the ocean floor and let your toes squish through the soft mud. Its an awesome activity the whole family will enjoy (well, unless you aren't so steady on your feet because it can get pretty slick walking through the mud!)

We make sure we get to Burntcoat every Summer since Lux was born and boy, does she love this place! She gets all decked out in her little wet suit and we just let her get as muddy and filthy as she sees fit! This year we were lucky enough to bring along some of our family members who have never had the pleasure of experiencing Burntcoat. The verdict was unanimous! Everyone loved it there.

As you can see Burntcoat Head Park offers a great deal of fun for everyone! You can also find lots of cool shells and even hermit crabs wading about in the pools of water. If you aren't willing to risk getting covered in mud you can still stand among the many cliffs and take in the gorgeous views.

We had a fantastic time this year, as we do every year, and I know this will be a tradition of ours for many, many years to come.

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