June 13, 2019

10 Unusual Things You Didn't Know About Me

Move aside "basic" facts. It's time for something a little unusual..

1// I never bite anything with my front teeth. I have a fake piece of tooth and I'm scared if I bite something hard it'll break

2// I have a small freckle on my second toes on each foot. In the exact same spot. I refer to them as twins.

3// I often find pure white hairs on my head and it makes me panic.

4// My middle fingers are slightly crooked.

5// I can never start a book and not finish it. It drives me insane. Even if I hate the book and it takes me years to finish- I'll finish it.

6// My wrists and fingers are extremely flexible. Sometimes I wonder if they're made of rubber.

7// I have terrible balance. Even while walking I tend to walk into walls.

8// I hate calling people on the phone. To make appointments, order food, anything- I get super nervous and awkward.

9// I received a small fracture in my spine a couple of years ago and it took forever to heal.

10// I feel like I never have solid plans mapped out regarding my life/future. Sure, there are things I hope for regarding my future but I never have any idea what I actually want out of life.

Tell me an unusual fact about yourself! 


  1. i kinda chew like a cow... and because of that i chew my own teeth.. it's kinda hard to explain.. but i have the ability to bite my own front teeth while im talking or eating something. or im able to chew my back teeth in a very weird way that my tooth chips off. there's a reason why my back molars have crowns.

    i got some interesting freckles as well, however i dont name them.

    i heard that when you have scars on your head, the hair grows in white.

    my pinky fingers are crooked. and they are also a lot shorter than the rest of my fingers.. and i already have small hands.

    i dont have that issue with books. frankly, i have read a book in over a decade because of my vision, and i do miss it. but im not the type that will use a kindle because it's just not the same.

    i also have flexible joints, im not like overly flexible like i can wrap myself around a table. but i have been able to freak out people with the way i can move some times. and a lot of times i feel like this is normal, so i take a picture of it and post it, and people tell me that isnt normal...

    i also have terrible balance as well, i trip over my own feet, i trip over air, i run into everything but a lot of that has to with my eyesight.

    i also hate calling people to make appointments or reservations... i always feel like im talking to much or i forget my name and why im calling.

    i had multiple stress fractures to my left ankle, and i was supposed to be casted but never was. it healed wrong. and then i reinjured it and to this day im still injured and will always be.

    and i feel yah on the last one, i had dreams and goals for my future of where i wanted to be in life, but i never got there and say 20 years went by, relationships werent good, and it's like well that was all a lie. so i have to start all over again.

    1. Oh wow really!? I never heard that before about the head scars and white hairs thing! Very interesting! It seems we can relate on quite a few unusual traits! haha :) Thanks so much for commenting!!

  2. I always wonder if I have a twin (I really don't) but still keep a look out! Great post!

    1. You know, I've heard many times before that we all have a twin out there somewhere! haha

  3. This is SO fun!! Haa I love things like this sharing unusual things. My ring finger on my right hand is crooked too!


    1. How do we manage to get crooked fingers anyway!?! hahah