June 29, 2019

101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

I saw Alice from 'Alice in Sheffield' post this challenge on her blog and I thought it looked like so much fun. I'm a huge fan of writing lists and goals so coming up with 101 goals/tasks to accomplish in roughly 2.75 years was right my alley! I think that's a really decent amount of time to tick off everything on my list.....or at least I'm hoping!

Starting today on June 29th, 2019 means that I have until March 26th, 2022 to complete my list. I'm not sure how often I'll come back and update on my achievements. Maybe every 3 or so months? If you're doing a similar challenge leave your list link in the comments! I'd love to check out your lists! :)

June 28, 2019

Burntcoat Head Park | Noel, NS

Another year, another visit to beautiful Burntcoat Head Park in the books. 

Burntcoat, in my opinion, is one of Nova Scotia's greatest attractions. It's home of the world's highest tides and extremely beautiful! When the tide goes out you have the opportunity to walk along the ocean floor and let your toes squish through the soft mud. Its an awesome activity the whole family will enjoy (well, unless you aren't so steady on your feet because it can get pretty slick walking through the mud!)

June 19, 2019

My Nickelodeon Collection

I am super excited to finally share my Nickelodeon collection with you all! Most of my fave childhood shows were Nickelodeon -Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, etc- and I still love a lot of these shows today. So, if you were a huge Nickelodeon fan you can probably understand my love for all things Nick and why I started this collection! Let's get on with the goods shall we!? Hope you enjoy!

[ warning: photo heavy post!]

June 16, 2019

My Weight Loss Journey | 4 Month Update

So It's been 4 months since I've started my weight loss journey (is that all it's been!?) and I'm here with my 4-months-in weight loss results! If you're curious you can read my first post about my journey to get all the deets. And by "can" I really mean "should" ...go there now....or not. ANYWAY, let's just jump right in shall we:


WEIGHT: 182 lbs

ARMS: 12 3/4 
BUST: 44 3/4
WAIST: 42 3/4
HIPS: 42 1/2
THIGHS: 21 3/4


NOW: JUNE 1, 2019

WEIGHT: 174.8 lbs

ARMS: 12 1/2
BUST: 43 1/2
HIPS: 42

of course the boobs are the quickest thing to go...

So that's 7.2 pounds in 4 months! Almost half a pound a week- not too shabby! I'm happy to do this slow and steady rather than drop a ton of weight right off the bat. 

I'm still doing my intermittent fasting but I'm really not being too strict with it. If I was I'd probably see a lot more weight coming off! But, I like the way things are going right now because even when I skip my workouts for even a week or more at a time, I'm able to maintain my weight loss! I feel like I'm doing this the right way and that makes me feel good! 

I still do my Leslie Sansone workouts every day (just about) and I still haven't upped it to two workouts a day yet but I will! When I'm ready. 

Junk food is still a big part of my life but if I'm being honest I really don't grab for it as often as I used to.

Still trying to cut back on the dairy.... Its hard okay!! 

Water intake is still going strong.

Overall I'm pretty happy! Like I said, its slow going but I feel less bloated, my clothes fit a little better and I feel like I just look healthier. Its nice.

I'm excited to see what I can do in the next 4 months. Until then, keep going! 

June 13, 2019

10 Unusual Things You Didn't Know About Me

Move aside "basic" facts. It's time for something a little unusual..

June 09, 2019

Oh Happy Days #5

♥ LUX IS 3. Technically this should have been included in last week's happy days post BUT since I took a week off from blogging that post was never written so, I'm including it in this one 😊 On Saturday the 1st my big girl turned three years old! We had family stay with us and we took her to the zoo. She had a fabulous weekend and I'm so proud of the little girl she is growing into.

♥ 400. I've gone and hit 400 followers on Twitter!

♥ SCREAM. I finished watching the Scream series on Netflix this week and its safe to say I'll be adding that show to my top favourites! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

♥ CHEESECAKE. Need I say more?

♥ CBD. I started using CBD oil for my anxiety and depression and this week has been amazing because of it. Well, at least I think it's because of the oil 😂 I really don't know for sure but I can tell you that I haven't felt this genuine, amazing happiness in so, so long. My head feels so clear and I don't obsessively worry about dying anymore. I know its only been a week but so far I'm loving it! *I'll write a post dedicated to my experience with CBD oil after I've used it long enough to write a proper review of it!*

♥ 29. I celebrated my 29th birthday on Saturday and it was wonderful! We didn't do a whole lot- my mom and brother came over for a bit, we went for ice cream and poked around a really cool bookstore. In the evening Craig and I watched a movie and had snacks. Probably the best birthday I've had in a long time 😊

Out for ice cream on my birthday 💕

If you love looking at gorgeous photography and enjoy looking at life through someone else's lens then please check out my girl Danielle's blog Lone Wolf- Life in Photos!  
I adore seeing new posts from her (which I know I'll see every single week because she takes a photo every day!) and being surprised and delighted by her week's happenings *Spoiler* They usually include her adorable animals!! As I said, please check her out. You will definitely not be disappointed! 

June 06, 2019

Why You Should Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

I've never told the story of how me and my boyfriend Craig came to be. And I won't be telling that story today. We'll save that for another day. What I will tell you is that we started off as very good friends.
If anyone even uttered the words "You should go out with Craig!" my response was usually something like "What!!? No way! He's like my best friend!"

June 03, 2019

Ten Cheap (or free!) Date Ideas

1. Go for a hike. Craig and I love hiking together! There's nothing more magical than the forest! 

2. Have a picnic. Pack a lunch, find a cute park and have a picnic! This could also go along with your hike!