May 13, 2019

Oh Happy Days #2

 LAST DENTIST APPOINTMENT. I absolutely dread the dentist and this Monday was my last visit (at least for another year). All of my cavities have been filled so that makes me happy.

♥ NEW HAIR. As a Mother's Day gift from Craig and Lux I had my hair done :) Definitely a much needed change and my head feels SO much lighter.

♥ KID FREE SLEEPOVER. As an 'added' Mother's Day bonus gift I spent the night away at my mother's house with her and my siblings on Saturday night. We had pizza, lots of junk food, painted our nails and watched movies all night. It was wonderful.

♥ MOTHER'S DAY. We didn't do a whole lot but just spending the day with my family was the best thing I could ask for :)

New hair! 

"Ice Cream" Whispers Clara is this week's blog of the week! Elizabeth's blog has been one of my all time favourites for quite a while now. I love when I see a new post pop up from her because her photography for every post makes me feel like I've stepped into a romantic, dreamy, fantasyland. Her whole blog aesthetic just creates a sense of calm whenever I browse through. Please, do check out her blog. I promise you will find a new blog to love with this one :) Here are a few of my fave posts to get you started:



  1. What a nice and positive blog.I just like the whole look of it. A new follower.

    Lusine from My blog,coffee and camera!

  2. Awwww thank you so much Renee!! That is so kind and I am so sorry I am late to reply haha :D really loving your new hair, I had mine done quite recently with my partner's family home hairdresser, it's so nice having a hair refresh, it makes you feel all polished :D adore the rainbow colours of your blog, I love the rainbows and hearts! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Oh no worries girl!!
      Thanks so much! It feels amazing having "fresh" hair haha so light and easy to maintain for the hot, Summer months!