May 21, 2019

10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress

Today I wanted to talk about stress. 
Everyone feels stress at some point in their lives but there are moments in life when all you do is stress. It could be something going on in your personal life or at work. I'm telling you, stress is a killer.

Common habits caused by stress include:

Eating terrible food
Constantly obsessing over things you cannot change
Trouble sleeping
Constant venting
& just feeling completely overwhelmed with everything

It affects every part of you. Your mind & your body.

Here is a list of 10 simple things you can do to try and eliminate stress:

1.LEARN TO SAY NO. I have a hard time with this one myself. Sometimes I feel bad if I say no to someone but the reality is, if its someone who constantly gets you to do something, chances are they know they're taking advantage of you and they just don't care. So, for the sake of your own sanity say No every once in a while.

2. ALLOW TIME FOR YOURSELF. Go home, turn off your phone, run a hot bubble bath and read for a while (or at least until you turn pruney from the water.)

3.CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS. I know how easy it is to run home feeling stressed and crave that chocolate bar you have sitting in the cupboard. While it may make you feel good for a moment while eating it, you'll probably feel 10 times worse later on. Grab some good food. When your body feels good, you tend to feel good too.

4.WATCH YOUR FAVOURITE SHOW OR MOVIE. Relax and get lost in the drama of others. Fake drama from a tv show, Even better!

5.EXERCISE. I know the last thing you want to think about when you're feeling stressed is getting all sweaty and out of breath. The truth is, exercising produces good endorphins which actually can make you feel happier! To try and eliminate stress for the day, put in a good workout exercise before you go to work. Trust me on this one.  

6.GO FOR A WALK. Getting some fresh air can really help. You don't even have to walk..just go OUT. If whatever is stressing you is connected to your home life, stepping away for a while can make a huge difference.

7.HAVE A NAP. After you have that nice hot bath we talked about earlier, go lay down. Maybe all you really needed was an extra hour or 2 of sleep.

8.CHAT WITH A FRIEND OR RELATIVE. Call up your friend or your sister or your mother. Someone you feel comfortable talking to. Someone who doesn't mind listening for a while and usually comes up with something helpful to say. Remember, just talk about what you're feeling, try not to vent.

9.GO SHOPPING. I know this only applies if you have the extra funds. But if you do, try a little retail therapy. I know for myself just walking around a store by myself looking makes me feel pretty calm. It also doesn't hurt to buy yourself something every now and then.

10.LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, CRY. If you're feeling overwhelmed and like you want to burst out crying, Do it. Holding it in only makes it worse. You'll feel so much better once you get it all out.



  1. Such great tips! I find yoga really helps me to relieve stress. I'm also quite into walking too xxx

    1. I've never really tried yoga but I'd love to start! I love walking too :)

  2. I agree with all your tips. Exercise and watching a favorite tv/movie is my favorite ways to relieve stress. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes, curling up and watching an old favorite is definitely helpful :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Crying, exercising, and fresh air are the three main things that always help me when I feel overwhelmed! They help to clear my mind and regain focus <3

    Samantha x

    1. I hear ya! I always feel so much better after a good cry!