May 26, 2019

Oh Happy Days #4

 SOLO DISNEY KARAOKE. On Monday night, Craig was out with friends and Lux was fast asleep in her room. So, me being bored I turned on some old Disney music and just let loose! I was dancing around the living room like a lunatic and belting out the words. It actually felt really good.

 COZY, RAINY DAYS. Even though I wasn't especially pleased that it rained on Monday (hiking day) I was actually quite content with it raining on Tuesday. I love when Lux and I cuddle up in cozy blankets on the couch and watch Netflix together while it rains outside.

 PARK VISITS. Mom came out for another visit this week and we had a super fun time at a Parks and Recreation site. It had everything; two playgrounds, a splash pad and every kind of sport field/court you can think of! Lux had an awesome time and so did I 😊

 PICKING IT BACK UP. Exercise that is! This week I have fiiiinally stopped making excuses and started working out everyday again and sticking with my intermittent fasting. I would say that I hope to keep it up but I'm not putting any pressure on myself. I know I have my bad weeks with my mental health and unfortunately that sometimes causes me to put exercise on the back burner and that's just fine. No more beating myself up about it as long as I always come back to it 😄

 RAINY DAY BAKING. I know I've mentioned a lot of rainy days in this post but hey, it rained majority of this week! Perfect weather to stay indoors and bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies with my girl though!

 LOBSTER. On Saturday Craig's father invited us out for supper and he had a delicious lobster for me! Ugh, it was heaven.

My sweetface at the playground :)

Blog of the week this week goes to Fashion and Beauty Blog (Danielle Alexa).
She writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and I've really been loving her blog for all of her great beauty tips! You can tell she's very passionate about her blog! Make sure you head over and check her blog out. Here are a few of my fave posts to get you started:

tell me something that's made you happy this week!

May 24, 2019

The Truth About Long Term Relationships

Today I want to talk about relationships. That is, the truth about relationships. Now I'm no expert on the matter but being in a happy, healthy, 12 + year relationship- I like to pretend I know a thing or two.

Let's get on with it, shall we.

May 21, 2019

10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress

Today I wanted to talk about stress. 
Everyone feels stress at some point in their lives but there are moments in life when all you do is stress. It could be something going on in your personal life or at work. I'm telling you, stress is a killer.

Common habits caused by stress include:

Eating terrible food
Constantly obsessing over things you cannot change
Trouble sleeping
Constant venting
& just feeling completely overwhelmed with everything

It affects every part of you. Your mind & your body.

May 19, 2019

Oh Happy Days #3

 RAINBOW INSPO. I'm really loving my new rainbow inspired blog design! Since its getting all beautiful and warm outside I felt like my blog needed a little brightening up :)

 SPEAKING OF BLOGS. Last week I was just about ready to throw in the towel with blogging. I was feeling pretty down and honestly, wasn't feeling a lot of joy with anything. I declared my blog break on twitter and with a blog post and, well, it lasted three days LOL I decided that even though blogging can at times bring me down, it doesn't have to. This is always going to be my space to create whatever content I wish to create. If people like it, awesome! If they don't, that's okay too. I've rekindled a little blogging spark this week.

 2000. My blog hit over 2,000 pageviews this week! 😃

 CLEANIN' OUT MY CLOSET. I finally cleaned out one of our closets in our bedroom (the biggest and messiest) and it looks SO much better. It's really got me in the mood to go right through this house and throw away/donate stuff. Let's hope I can keep this 'clean everything in the house' vibe.

♥ YARD SALES. The town over from us hosted a town wide yard sale on Saturday. We didn't find any treasures and it was rainy and cold BUT it was something fun and different for us to do as a family 😊

My delicious lunch on Saturday 😍

3 Girls Mummy is this weeks "blog of the week"!
This adorable blog run by Ashleigh is all about being a mom, family life and everything in between! 
Make sure you pop on over and say hello! :)
Here are some great posts to get you started:


May 18, 2019

Smileys Provincial Park | Newport, NS

Isn't that a pleasant name? Smileys? It fits because it was indeed a pleasant little park- even if it did start to rain during our very quick visit there. Well, it wasn't meant to be quick but we certainly didn't want to stay in the cold rain.

This Provincial Park is also a campground as a lot of the Provincial Parks are here in Nova Scotia. We didn't quite see the entire area but I don't think we missed very much. Just some camp sites.

What we did do though was walk along a lovely little gravel road until we came to a playground that Lux loved.

May 15, 2019


(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

I'm not sure why, but I feel good when it rains. 

May 13, 2019

Oh Happy Days #2

 LAST DENTIST APPOINTMENT. I absolutely dread the dentist and this Monday was my last visit (at least for another year). All of my cavities have been filled so that makes me happy.

♥ NEW HAIR. As a Mother's Day gift from Craig and Lux I had my hair done :) Definitely a much needed change and my head feels SO much lighter.

♥ KID FREE SLEEPOVER. As an 'added' Mother's Day bonus gift I spent the night away at my mother's house with her and my siblings on Saturday night. We had pizza, lots of junk food, painted our nails and watched movies all night. It was wonderful.

♥ MOTHER'S DAY. We didn't do a whole lot but just spending the day with my family was the best thing I could ask for :)

New hair! 

"Ice Cream" Whispers Clara is this week's blog of the week! Elizabeth's blog has been one of my all time favourites for quite a while now. I love when I see a new post pop up from her because her photography for every post makes me feel like I've stepped into a romantic, dreamy, fantasyland. Her whole blog aesthetic just creates a sense of calm whenever I browse through. Please, do check out her blog. I promise you will find a new blog to love with this one :) Here are a few of my fave posts to get you started:


May 08, 2019

The Lost Girls by Heather Young | Dollarstore Book Reviews

Before I get into the review, I wanted to announce the beginning of a new series on my blog!
The Dollarstore Book Reviews! I love reading but often go long periods without reading because honestly, as were now a single income family, I just don't always have that extra $20 or so to throw on a new book. And after becoming terrified of buying secondhand books from thrift stores because of bedbugs (literally found a bug in a book once) I had very little options to read new books.

Until now that is.

May 05, 2019

Oh Happy Days #1

OUR COLDS ARE FINALLY LEAVING. The three of us have had head colds and after 2 long weeks they finally seem to be breaking up and going away. I think we've honestly gone through every symptom in the book this time around and I'm more than happy saying adios to these colds!

HANGING OUT WITH MOM. Because of the aforementioned colds we've been in a sort of lock down. No visits from people, not visiting anyone. BUT! after what felt like forever my mom came out to pick us up and we had a lovely day shopping and just hanging out! It's always a good time when mom/nan comes around.

SKATEBOARDING. Craig took Lux skateboarding this week and it was honestly the cutest thing.

NEW SHOES & MAKEUP. Thanks to my mom, I was able to treat myself this week to some new shoes and makeup!

A CONTENT MIND. I really don't want to jinx myself but I seem to be coming around with my anxiety and depression. I'm feeling genuine happiness within myself and it feels so, so good.

NICK BOX. I received my latest Nick Box this week! *a subscription that sends Nickelodeon items*. I looved getting these boxes but sadly it was my final one 😔 So even though it made me happy that it came in the mail this week it's also bittersweet because it was my last one (for now anyway! maybe in the future I can afford to sign up again!)

Craig and Lux skateboarding 💗 my heart.

This week's "blog of the week" goes to Frantasmagoria!  I couldn't be happier sharing this blog with you guys. She writes about true crime and the supernatural and her posts are always SO well researched and written. I love seeing a new post pop up on Frantasmagoria because I always know its going to be super interesting. Please be sure to check this blog out! You'll be happy you did 😊
Here are a few of my fave posts to get you started:

What made you happy this week!? Share it in the comments!

May 03, 2019

5 MORE Dairy Free Lunch Ideas For Toddlers

The thing about toddlers is this: They love something one day and HATE it the next. That's why you need plenty of meal idea options at the ready so your not stuck with a toddler freaking out about eating something they devoured yesterday but all of a sudden hate today!

I've previously shared 5 dairy free lunch ideas and now I'm back with 5 more!