April 11, 2019

The Beginning Of My Weight-Loss Journey

It's been a long time coming- a real looong time coming- but I'm actually doing it. I'm trying to turn my life around and it's happening. Slowly but surely. I've decided to document my weight loss journey here on the blog in hopes that it'll keep me motivated and accountable.

Initially, I wanted to jump right into the numbers because honestly I hate reading or watching a video of someone's before and after photos or weight and it's allllll the way at the end but, since this is my first ever post on the matter, I want to share a tiny bit of my backstory before jumping in.

I was a pretty active child growing up so I was never overweight (besides getting a little chubby in the fifth grade- darn puberty) and all throughout high school I stayed the same size. I always weighed around 125 lbs.

It wasn't until I graduated high school, moved out on my own with my boyfriend and started college courses which caused a lot of stress that I noticed I had started gaining some weight. Minuscule amounts really, a healthy amount some might say, but in my eyes I was gross which, in hindsight, started my self hatred and depression.
The year 2012 is when I really started noticing some significant weight gain. I was even getting comments from other people *side note- totally uncool to remark on someone elses weight! It does a lot more harm then good in most cases*.

From 2012 to 2015 I continually gained weight. I had tried numerous times to diet and lose the weight, each attempt was a fail. I could never commit to anything, especially if I didn't see results within the first week or two (I get discouraged too easily).
I had reached 168 lbs when I became pregnant in August 2015. Although my doctor was uneasy about my weight when I became pregnant I think I did okay weight-gain wise during that 9 months. I had lost 8 lbs within the first two months because I was constantly nauseous and by the end of my pregnancy I had only gained 37 lbs altogether. Oddly enough, within two weeks of giving birth I had completely lost that 37 lbs and was back down to 160.

I had a good starting point and really thought I could keep it up and lose more weight. Boy was I wrong. A couple of months after having Lux we had to move to a bigger apartment. It was probably the worst move we could have ever made and during our time living in that apartment my depression and anxiety completely took hold of me and sunk its grimy claws deep into my soul.

From that time - August 2016 - until May 2018 I had gained 28 more lbs. I was now 188 lbs.

When I looked at the scale and saw that I was only 2 lbs away from 190 I nearly cried. I knew I had to do something. So that May- in 2018 -I started exercising daily and started doing the apple cider vinegar drink. I managed to lose 10 lbs! But, like every time before that, I became lazy and unmotivated. Depression always seems to bring me down even when, on paper, I should be happy.
Surprisingly though, I maintained that 10lb weight loss for a while. From that time until now I've only regained 4 lbs.

My goal now is to drop down to 135 lbs.

I decided to start my journey this February (2019) and have been keeping track of my weight and inches. On the first of every month I weigh and measure myself. Here are my numbers:



ARMS- 12 3/4"
BUST- 44 3/4"
WAIST- 42 3/4"
HIPS- 42 1/2"
THIGHS- 21 3/4"

APRIL 1ST 2019


ARMS- 12 1/2"
BUST- 43 1/4"
WAIST- 41 3/4"
HIPS- 41 1/2"
THIGHS- 21 1/2"

So even though I've only lost 2 pounds, I'm actually really happy with my inches lost so far.
On my arms I've lost 1/4", my bust 1 1/2", my waist 1", my hips 1" and my thighs 1/4".

I'd also like to point out that during the first month and a half I really didn't do anything to lose weight. It wasn't until about March 20th that I started really getting into this and wanting to fully commit.

Well, like I said it wasn't until March 20th that I started daily exercising. Right now I only do one 15 minute workout a day, first thing in the morning before I eat anything. I love Leslie Sansone's walk workouts and they are what I do every single day.
On March 24th I started intermittent fasting. For a little over a week I tried 16:8 (where you have an 8 hour eating window and 16 hours of fasting). It was going okay at first but I soon realized my anxiety was spiking and I had two panic attacks during that first week. I didn't want to fully stop IF because I liked what it was doing so far (my bloating has gone down SO much) so I just tweaked it a little and now I do 14:10 - 14 hours fasting and a 10 hour eating window. I feel like this is barely IF now so I don't like to refer to it as such. Now I just say I do time restricted eating. I start eating at 9am every day and no longer eat after 7pm.
I think the not eating after 7pm is what's making such a difference now. I used to be a HUGE night time snacker.
I still pretty much each what I want during my eating window though so I imagine this is what's stopped me from losing more than the 2 lbs. I have, however, noticed I don't reach for junk food quite as much or pop. I was a big pop drinker.
I'm proud of what I've done so far if only because I'm actually sticking with this thing for 3 weeks now. I usually throw in the towel by now!

Pretty darn good! My bloat has gone down tremendously and even though I've only lost 2 lbs my clothes definitely feel better. I also find I'm sleeping a lot better.

This month I'd like to kick up my exercising a notch. I'd like to do a morning and an evening workout.
I'd also like to reduce my dairy intake. I'm not supposed to eat dairy anyway because my stomach doesn't agree with it and it's the reason for most of my bloating and nausea but I can't help it! Your girl is addicted.
If I can cut it down to consuming dairy only 1 or 2 days out of the week, I'd be happy with that.

I plan to share my updates at the beginning of each month so I guess I'll be seeing you May 1st with some- hopefully- better results!  :)


  1. I'm cheering you on here. I'm glad you've identified that night time snacking is one to do away with. Portion control and regular exercise in addition will make all the difference. The key is to remain consistent. All the best.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm trying but this past week really set me back! Had a particularly hard time anxiety wise and threw in the towel for about 4 days. But! I started exercising again today and hope to keep it up :)

  2. Congrats. That is wonderful. I lost 60lbs, but sadly put back on 30 of that. I am at it once again and have lost 6. It is not easy, but worth it.

    1. Wow! 60lbs is quite the feat!! I'm sure you'll get back to the weight you desire :)