April 29, 2019

My Makeup Confessions

1. I don't know how to do my eyebrows. They're often bushy and unkempt but I don't even care. Sometimes I think I'd like to go get them done and learn how to fill them in but meh 🤷. Never happens.

2. I barely ever moisturize my face.

3. I never wear lipstick because it's never looked good on me. Maybe it's because I've only ever purchased cheap lipsticks but every time I've ever used it, it feels like it won't stay on my lips and looks patchy.

4. Most days I just use concealer under my eyes and that's it.

5. I actually love mascara but I can't wear it due to allergies. My eye swells up and I get massive headaches. Because I can't wear mascara, I also never wear eyeshadow because I think it would look kind of dumb wearing eyeshadow without any mascara.

6. I also don't even know how to properly apply eyeshadow.

7. I've never purchased high-end makeup. The most expensive I've tried was the Bourjois foundation from the drug-store.

8. My foundation shade is so light, I often feel washed out after applying it but usually, if I go the next shade up, it's way too dark and not cute.

9. I don't see the point in primer. The ones I've tried barely didn't make any difference. But, then again.....

10. I suck at applying all makeup.

Tell me some of your makeup confessions....if only to make me feel a tiny bit better at sucking so much. :)


  1. Haha! Yes to all of this! I to is not very good with makeups and most of the days when I'm feeling all good and confident, I just use lip tints, bbcream, and eyebrow pencil. And the funny thing is that, my brows are different every 2-3 weeks because I just don't know how to groom them haha

    Only Yesterday

    1. hahah so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to groom their eyebrows! :p Lip tints..tell me more! haha Are they like a lipstick?

  2. Hahaha I love these posts! I also don't understand eyebrows!