April 22, 2019

Dinosaur Dresser Makeover

If you've got a dino-obsessed child at home AND you're currently in the market for a new dresser, boy have I got something to show you!

In this post I'm going to tell you how you can make an awesome dinosaur themed dresser using an old, existing dresser!

We bought this solid pine dresser last year secondhand for Lux's clothes. I think we paid around $70 for it. It wasn't something we planned to keep forever we just needed something asap to get her bedroom in order. Since moving into our new house and deciding to make her bedroom dinosaur themed, I was racking my brain trying to decide what kind of dresser to get her, where to get it from, Etc.
It wasn't until I was browsing Pinterest for 'dino themed bedroom ideas' one day that I came across a dresser with dinosaurs for knobs. I thought it was brilliant! (the only thing I didn't quite like about it was that they painted the dresser and the dinosaur knobs all one colour-grey. We love colour in this household!)

So I went on the hunt searching through Lux's horde of dinosaur toys to see what I might be able to use. I remembered we bought her a big bucketful of small dinosaurs from Walmart once and I wanted to see if they'd work for the knobs.

These are the exact dinosaurs we bought her! They're still available at Walmart for $20 and you can find them online HERE!

Anyway, they were just the right size for her dresser PLUS there are a lot of pairs in this bucket- meaning there'd be two identical dinos for each drawer! Perfect. I was now ready to makeover this dresser.


1. Sand the entire dresser

2. Prime the dresser

3. Paint the dresser. The only thing I needed to buy for this project (because we already owned the dinosaurs) was paint. I just went with a plain glossy white. 

4. Remove old knobs from dresser. Save the screws.

5. After I decided which dinosaurs to use for each drawers all I did was hold up the dinosaur to the screw hole and drilled the screw right into the dinosaur. Make sure you pick a good spot on the dinosaur that will catch the screw ( I screwed near the tops of the legs). To make it cute I made them face opposite direction!

6. You can just leave it like that BUT the screws may start to come loose so you can unscrew the dinosaurs and add a little PL Premium (a glue) inside the holes and re-screw.

I am BEYOND happy with the way this has turned out! It fits her new dinosaur room so well and I spent very little money on it! It feels as though we've purchased a brand new dresser and this isn't that same old little pine one we bought secondhand.

Let me know if you like how it turned out! Share some of your favourite DIYS down in the comments!


  1. This is an amazing idea! It looks awesome. I'd be tempted to try this myself in the future! I love the dinosaurs so much. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm just happy it turned out okay! haha