February 21, 2019

Sugar Moon Farm | Earltown, NS

I am that stereotypical Canadian who loves anything maple flavoured. Cookies, fudge, syrup, donuts...if it's maple: get in my belly.

When Craig suggested we visit a maple sugar farm my obvious answer was a big fat yes!

On the farm you can do a variety of things: hike the many trails surrounding the farm, eat a delicious maple brunch, give snowshoeing a go, take the maple sugar tour and even try sugar on snow. 

We booked ourselves in for the three o'clock tour and had a little time beforehand so we decided to try the sugar on snow and then rented some snowshoes. I was super excited because I've always wanted to try snowshoeing! 

We got to roll our own snow around the maple sugar! It looks kind of weird but it was soo good!

We didn't have much time to try snowshoeing but we managed to go for a little walk.

When it was time for the tour I have to say I was a teeny bit disappointed. While I greatly enjoyed learning how the farm gets/makes the maple sugar I was hoping we'd actually go on a tour of the farmland and see the trees in action but the whole tour was held inside two small rooms. One room showed what the trees looked like while having the taps on them and the other room showed us the huge boiler where the maple is boiled down.

Of course we couldn't leave without buying some maply-goodness.We bought a small jar of maple butter (I have no words to describe this but AH-mazing will have to do) and some little maple leaf shaped maple sugar. Also delish.

We had such a wonderful day at the farm. I tried snowshoeing, got my maple fix and learned something interesting. I think we'll definitely go back again some day.

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