February 24, 2019

Bell Park | Mount Uniacke, NS

Technically I don't think Bell Park is classed as a Provincial Park for some reason but I'm going to go ahead and stick it with the Provincial Park posts anyway.

Bell Park is just your average park. A nice trail through the forest, a lake to stare at and that's about it. All in all though it was still a beautiful, sunny day and we had a wonderful walk. Excuse the photo quality. I only had Craig's phone handy to take pictures with!

February 22, 2019

Oaklawn Farm Zoo | Aylesford, NS

On May 13th we saw the first hot day of the year and decided this beautiful, sunny, extremely hot day would be perfect for venturing down to Aylesford (the valley) to Oaklawn Farm Zoo. 

Oaklawn Farm Zoo is unique because it's a farm and totally looks like a farm yet they have a mixture of farm animals and zoo animals. You can find pigs and horses and goats and baby rabbits and you can also find lions and tigers and zebras and monkeys. There seems to be a little bit of everything there.

February 21, 2019

Sugar Moon Farm | Earltown, NS

I am that stereotypical Canadian who loves anything maple flavoured. Cookies, fudge, syrup, donuts...if it's maple: get in my belly.

When Craig suggested we visit a maple sugar farm my obvious answer was a big fat yes!

How To Deal With A Colicky Baby

Colic. The thing every new parent hopes they won't have to deal with when their baby finally arrives. Around 25% of babies develop colic. Lux was part of that 25%. She developed colic around 4-5 weeks old. Since she is now well past that stage (hallelujah) I feel like I might be able to share some insight on how we dealt with it for two and a half months. Hopefully some of these tips I'm about to share might help you if you're dealing with a colicky baby.

My Nova Scotia Bucket List

Even though I've lived in Nova Scotia my entire life, there are still plenty of things I want to see and do here. What better way to motivate myself and be able to keep track of everything then by writing a bucket list! Some of these things Craig and I have already done BUT I'm making this list for us to do as a family. So when I add 'as a family' to an item that means we've done it already but want to enjoy the experience with Lux as well. Now this is going to be a pretty huge list so you don't have to read it. This is really just a reference for me to keep coming back to.

February 20, 2019

Graves Island & Queensland Beach Provincial Parks

I had to combine two Provincial Parks together for this post because I just didn't have enough pictures of the both of them to make up a separate post each.

We visited these two parks in the same day. Along with the Cleveland Beach and East River Provincial Parks.

East River Provincial Park | Chester, NS

East River Provincial Park is a rather small park consisting of one road, a couple of picnic benches and some water. Nonetheless, it was still pretty. You can't tell very well but the water was the most stunning blue green colour.

Cleveland Beach Provincial Park | Queensland, NS

I must say, I think I'm doing rather well with my Provincial Park visits since deciding in August to visit every one in Nova Scotia. On our way to the scarecrow festival we managed to see four different parks! Cleveland Beach has been one of my favourites so far. It was kind of chilly but it was so beautiful.

Oakfield Provincial Park | Oakfield, NS

Another provincial park bites the dust! This time around we visited Oakfield Provincial Park. It's so pretty there with a giant, hilly field with picnic benches scattered, a little beach area for swimming and off to the side there's a boat launching site. The sun was starting to go down when we arrived so I'm sorry for the crappy photo quality!

Laurie Provincial Park | Grand Lake, NS

Oh look, another Provincial Park post! Sorry if these are boring for you guys but like I said in my Anthony Provincial Park post, I'm attempting to visit every Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. And these parks are so beautiful I just have to share them with you all in hopes that they might cause you to want to visit Nova Scotia one day. So really, I'm doing you a favour with these posts. You're welcome.

Caddell Rapids Provincial Park | Riverside, NS

Continuing on from our Anthony Provincial Park day we also stopped at another Provincial Park. This one was called Caddell Rapids and it was basically just a lookoff for an amazing view of the Fundy Shore. Although it was a quick stop it was still beautiful out that day and the drive there was nice.

Good Babies VS Bad Babies

"Is she a good baby?"

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that question since having Lux. Everyone asks that question. Complete strangers ask that question. When they ask if she's a "good baby" they of course want to know; Does she cry a lot? Does she sleep throughout the night? Is she very fussy?Well, what if she does cry a lot? What if she is up all night? Does that mean I have a bad baby?

Anthony Provincial Park | Lower Selma, NS

The first post dedicated to our "NS Provincial Park" series goes to Anthony Provincial Park in Lower Selma. It wasn't really amazing or anything and there was hardly anything there but the view was fantastic.

How We Chose Our Daughter's Name

I have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember. I've been picking out my future children's names since I was about 13. For years I had a list saved on my computer compiled of a bunch of names I loved for both girls and boys.